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Rocky Mountain Mystery School – Still a Mystery to Me!


Hello again everyone


If you were offered secrets that have been handed down from King Solomon – what would you do? In the case of Gudni Gudnason, you become the Grand Master of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School…


After I received a little write up from Caroline Hartley (thank you Caroline) about the Rocky Mountain Mystery School and 22-strand DNA activation, I decided to do a little online research of my own – but in this case, the more I searched, the more confused I became… The name of the school itself is, well, in my opinion – strange – one almost expects to find they are a Country and Western band. It is also too much of a mouthful for me, so I’ve shortened it to RMMS for the purposes of this post.


Following the internet research trail was rather haphazard, with very little independent information available. What I have gathered is mostly from RMMS sites themselves – and not being acquainted with their terminology means I’m still not as well informed as I would like to be. The RMMS is certainly a complicated system, and there is an hierarchy for students to follow.

It would appear that there are those who feel that this is just an elaborate hoax, designed to scam people looking for Truth and “liberate” them of their hard earned cash (the courses on offer are fairly steep in price and each level attained requires more money spent – however that is often no different to any other modality…), and then there are those who see the potential of people working for positive change – even if how they do it does seem a little unusual…


The RMMS sites talk about bringing “light” into the world and guarding against Evil. But I never did get to figure out how they do their work, or what Evil they are concerned with. This pre-occupation with Light and Dark may be why they are also steeped in controversy, getting a mention on Rick Ross’s cult info pages. (www.rickross.com) (But then the Waldorf schools also feature there, so I guess that is no big deal.)


The RMMS appears to be a growing organisation with branches in Canada, Japan and South Africa apart from the USA, and it’s “Headmaster / Grand Master” – as he calls himself – is an unusual character.

Gudni Gudnason claims to have studied with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for sixteen years, (Yup, Mr. Magick himself – Aleister Crowley – was also a part of that organisation), before becoming the Grand Master and Headmaster of RMMS. But it is the claims that Mr. Gudnason makes that get my attention: that he is the keeper of secrets handed down from Saloman (sic) and that only he is authorised to pass them on…


Obviously someone in this position is going to get a fair amount of public comment levelled at them – as his own blog attests. As he states, he has endured what would appear to be a very public divorce, which appears to have caused some upheaval among the ranks. Usually I wouldn’t find this sort of gossip interesting and I apologise if this is beginning to read like the pages of HEAT, but this man is certainly intriguing when he puts things in his own words – I’ll let you be the judge… www.gudnigudnason.blogspot.com


So, gossip and scandal about The Grand Master aside, I really wanted to know what a 22Strand DNA Activation session was all about – what do you go to a RMMS practitioner for, and what do they help with?

I spoke to a client of this modality (who wishes to remain anonymous) to learn more of his experience with 22-strand DNA activation. He said the activation was a healing and moving experience for him and that it has subtly changed his life for the better. He describes feeling more in tune with himself and cut off from negative thought processes that were damaging to him. He said that the session lasted over an hour and cost him in the region of R500, which he felt was money well-spent.


Have you had a 22-strand DNA activation? I would love to hear what you thought of the experience. While I’m now certain that 22-strand DNA activation practitioners are operating from a place of love and have a genuine desire to help others, I’m still unsure about how the activation works. But the purpose of these pages are to educate myself and others – so if you have information hand it over! Here’s what Caroline Hartley wrote:


What is 22-Strand DNA Activation?


The 22-Strand DNA Activation is an ancient healing art dating back 3000 years. It comes from a collection of techniques that King Salomon gathered with the help of Medicine Men and Shamans from all around the globe, known as The King Salomon Healings. For this reason the DNA Activation technique is also called the King Salomon’s Core Crystal Activation. Salomon, through his studies found 24 strands of what we now call DNA. There are 12 physical and 12 Spiritual, which make up the divine blueprint and hold the information of who and what a person is and can be. While Salomon knew there were 24 strands, he could only ever find a way to turn on 22 of them. This is the process handed down in his linage where we bring light into the body to turn on those 22 Strands of DNA.


This 22 Strand DNA Activation gives you better access to, and activates, the divine blueprint of who you are, allowing you to awaken your full potential. This leads to more energy, the clearing of negativity from your life, the strength to face challenges in your life from a positive standpoint and it helps you to use more of your brain.  All of this leads to less stress, more self confidence, and a generally healthier body and immune system.  For thousands of years this modality has only been available to a very select few, such as High Priests and Priestesses, now it is available to anyone who asks.


The benefits of this modality, which is in truth more an empowerment, than a healing, are almost too extraordinary to be believed. The empowering nature of the energy that is brought into your life, when you make the commitment to yourself, is limited only by your own imagination. The more you can imagine and embrace the possibilities, the more you will gain from the energy that becomes available to you.


The Activation process accesses the En Sofic ray. This is the energy of the Ultimate Potential and it comes down into the physical world to light up who and what we are. This is a little hard to grasp even for me, the person through whom the energy is flowing, a Kabbalist and an initiated Teacher in the tradition of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School (www.rmmsint.com). The Archangels play a huge role in this work, as does the energy of the Christ Consciousness. This is about love: Pure Love in its truest form.


By bringing love and light into the energetic body life begins to change. People become more aware and therefore are able to act consciously rather than reacting from within their conditioned patterns. How this works is easiest to describe through analogy. When you shine light into a room that has had the shutters closed for years, you can see the layers of dust and dirt that were not noticeable in the gloomy light. In much the same way, when light is brought into someone’s life, the areas where they have the most room for growth, that have not previously been noticed, often start to show, so some people find they have a challenging time immediately after being activated. People who have worked honestly on themselves often relish this challenge. If I return to the analogy, you have been cleaning your house, and are thinking: how can I get it cleaner? When someone opens the windows, and you can see the dirt, it makes it so much easier to reach that next level of cleanliness.


The Activation is a tool for cleaning and improving your life. It can help with the energetic, the emotional and the physical. I have seen it work, by showing people where their unhealthy patterns which hold them in place, are. Change can be tough, even if it will be for the best, and this Activation will cause change. I have found it to be like a rollercoaster: exciting and great fun, and sometimes terrifying.


The guiding hand of the universe, love and our Higher Self becomes progressively more clear and profound after the Activation. I feel like this is the seatbelt in the rollercoaster. This guiding hand in our lives is definitely around no matter who you are or what path you are on but depending on the individual the signals may be more, or less, visible.


When you start to develop an honest, clear idea of what you want to be doing with you life, and you are able to follow that, it is amazing how low stress life can become. When you are following your path it is incredible how easy it becomes to see challenges as room for growth and messages showing us where we can work on ourselves. This is such a fantastic feeling, rather than the “Why is the world out to get me?” feeling that challenges used to have for me.


Everyone has a different journey and everyone needs to find the path that works for them. One of my greatest wishes is to make this empowerment available to as many people as possible. I hope to see every teenager who comes into my healing space leave with a feeling of purpose so that they do not spend 7 years figuring out what they want to do, the way I did, and to have the energy to love and enjoy their lives. I hope to see every adult leave and have the energy to pursue their life path more strongly and to take steps to start loving and living their lives more completely.


So there you have it – pure motives from the “DNA Activators” – but the Rocky Mountain Mystery School is still a mystery to me!


For some further reading on the lineage of King Solomon et al, I can recommend “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark” and “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” by Laurence Gardner. For more about Aleister Crowley and the Order of The Golden Dawn: “A Magick Life” by Martin Booth. For some interesting related sites not already listed in the article above:

Rocky Mountain Mystery School: www.rmmsint.com

Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn: www.hermeticgoldendawn.org



And while on the subject of WEBSITES: while you are online you may want to check out some other sites that I have found useful, informative or fun:


St. Lukes Hospice online auction: www.stlukes.co.za/Auction/

This is an online auction where the money goes to help the terminally ill patients of St. Lukes Hospice. You can purchase vouchers for services and holiday accomodation; all sorts of items are for sale: from art, books and car maintenance services to product hampers, magazine subscriptions and wine. Also, you can donate vouchers or products to be auctioned online – they supply a link to your website for free while the auction is on. You don’t need a credit card to purchase from them, and you can view the goods at the Hospice Auction office if you like. Try it – it’s really fun and it’s for an excellent cause.


Another site that I think will be getting alot of attention from me in the future is www.ces.org.za an online trading portal where you barter with talents – no cash necessary. Here you can trade your service for another – from counselling and legal advice to labour and book-keeping. Swap a massage for a homeopath consult, a manicure for a garden cleanup. Tax free – and making a better future for all of us! Tell me if you are already a member of CES – I hear it is a very vibrant online community!


Follow up:


If you look at previous posts, Sandra Byrne of Positive Health asked the following of the Massage Therapy Association SA on the ABOUT page of this site: Here are her questions and their response:

1. What qualifications for massage are required to register with the AHPCSA (I understand that Sandra was qualified in the UK (she lists the following credits after her name:BSc, ITEC dip, APNT dips) and is now living in SA and running a massage studio from home. She also trains couples in weekend workshops, on how to massage each other) In order to register with the AHPCSA, you are required to have completed a two-year AHPCSA-approved TMT qualification. You are also required to pass the council’s registration examination. Questions regarding training, providing training and prior learning credits, have to be addressed to council directly as MTA does not determine the criteria. 2. Is there a specific syllabus that must be complied with? Yes, content guidelines are made available to training institutions by the AHPCSA . 3. Can this information (re. syllabus requirements etc) be easily accessed in order to compare overseas qualifications? You would need to contact the AHPCSA for this information. 4. Does a seperate pathology module need to be completed to update her UK qualifications? An overseas qualification needs to be submitted to the AHPCSA for evaluation. Once the qualification has been assessed against the SA qualification requirements, the AHPCSA will inform the applicant of the gaps that need to be addressed. It is possible that a pathology module would need to be completed and the AHPCSA would provide details of where to undergo this training. 5. How can this seperate module be undertaken without having to do a further two or four year course of study? Refer to AHPCSA 6. Can she set up this training at positive health for other aroma or massage therapists? Sandy would need to communicate directly with the AHPCSA with regard to providing training to meet this need.

I will also be in touch with the AHPCSA for comment. If any of the other practitioners reading this have any information to share regarding registration for therapists trained overseas, please get in touch.

Here’s wishing you all a joyous month of fun and prosperity,


Melody Mitchell




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