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 You may recall the terrible scenes of xenophobic attacks which shocked South Africans out of their comfort zones. Many of us rallied around in support of the survivors of those attacks, and attempted in some small way to ease their pain. For many of those survivors, life is back on track, but many will be moved from pillar to post in search of a place to call home.

I remember being in hospital after the birth of my first baby and meeting a young woman by the name of Josephine. She had walked from Congo Brazzaville to South Africa after her entire family was wiped out in 20 minutes during an attack. Severely traumatised, she found herself alone and pregnant with nothing and no-one.

I have met children who have been living with aunts and uncles, sent here on the back of a truck to escape violent attacks in Zimbabawe. Others who are here, not by choice, but simply because this was where the transport was headed. They have lost their mothers and fathers in the violence, been separated from children or siblings and have nowhere to turn.

I am part of an online group who are uniting to raise awareness of an organisation called Refugees Unite, which is working to bring displaced families and friends back together across the globe.

We believe that it is a basic human right for families and friends to know what has become of their loved ones.

You can help by clicking on this link www.refunite.org and donating to the cause, or learning more about it.

If you are aware of any refugee who is trying to find friends and family from their home country, please direct them the RefUnite site so that they can register their names on the database.

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