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Come out Gudni and show yourself…

 One of the stories that continuously brings traffic to this site from Google, is the article about the Rocky Mountain Mystery School. It would seem that many people are trying to find out more about the school and it’s elusive Grand Master, Gudni Gudnason. It is a difficult task to look on the “bright side” and not think negatively about someone who has so little “real” evidence published about himself, even when it comes to his own websites and blog (Last updated in April 08). Up to now, I have read that this Icelandic national was an actor in Sweden, holds a business and psychology degree, was a martial arts teacher, ran a school for bodyguards (that resulted in him being arrested for conducting “high speed chase training” – in the traffic!) and has studied with various esoteric groups including the Order of the Golden Dawn. He sure sounds like a fun guy. And personally, I have no problem with colourful characters, provided they are truthful. But Gudni appears (and I say this based only on my own internet research – I’d be happy to be corrected), to be employing his various talents to achieve one aim – making money. Making money is a great gift – we should all be able to partake in abundance – but if your Alma Mater’s famous motto is “Do What Thou Wilt”, perhaps there is a warning there. And perhaps, the reason there are so many “RMMS+scam” google searches, is that there is a great distrust among us for someone who holds himself so high above us all, but does nothing to correct the (mis)perceptions of himself. So Gudni, this is the time to tell us the truth – in an honest, humble manner. Who are you really?


As for Mannatech and Glyconutrients, guess what? I’m still waiting for those replies to the list of your questions (see previous posts) sent and re-sent since November last year….. It looks like Mannatech is not going to be making any official response – but I know you would still like to hear from them, so I’ll keep trying.


A number of you have been in touch to check if you can send me info about your courses, modalities, shops and services. Please remember that your info is greatly appreciated – so keep us posted!


Have you ever wanted to learn more about how your birthday contributes to your uniqueness? Or maybe you wanted to unlock some of your hidden potential contained in your stars? February sees a really special course in Astrology for beginners held at The Health Path – which thanks to owner, Mia Courly, is fast becoming a hub for holistic health practitioners in Cape Town.The course, facilitated by Felicity Aronson, is held over 3 weekends and costs only R570.

Felicity Aronson is an international Astrologer who has been teaching and practising Astrology for over 30 years. She has devised an easy technique using Numerology in congruence with Astrology, creating a simple yet comprehensive way of delving into the understanding of the energy and essence of birthdays and other important dates.

Contact The Health Path to book your place for the first lesson on 07 February at 14h30.

021 790 5231. I have heard that this is a lovely workshop – it was sold out when it was first held last year – and well worth attending.


Mia Courly, formerly from Paris, (France – not Parys) began The Health Path just over a year ago. She had a vision for a warm, friendly meeting place for health practitioners and lovers of all things organic, and has worked hard to manifest that vision into reality. As a Cranio-Sacral therapist and a Kinesiologist, Mia understood the needs of holistic health practitioners who would want a vibey place to meet, share and work. She has provided her premises as a venue to anyone who wanted to conduct intimate workshops, DVD screenings and gatherings, as well as hosting a number of practitioner breakfasts. She stocks a wide range of supplements, organic beauty products and foods and has a small restaurant creating fresh new dishes every day. Her shop also has a small practise room which is available for practitioners requiring part-time premises at a reasonable rental. Because Mia has been such a great “patron” of Holistic Health, I took up her invitation to have a live blood analysis at her store – eventhough I have a fear of needles. I had long been searching for a way to “tailor” my own supplementation, and I think I have now found it. A simple (painless) prick on the side of my finger revealed the current state of my health in an easy and fairly quick consultation, which cost only R100. The live blood analysis looks at the blood droplet and determines from it’s appearance which systems are under stress. I had been living dangerously, as my blood revealed – my liver and digestive systems were under strain and I required assistance! Mia counselled me about diet and exersize and gave me a few ideas for reducing emotional stress, I also had a few Body Stress Release sessions for stored stress in my spine and muscles. After recently completing a round of Milk Thistle (instead of milk stout!-just kidding…)and some kick-ass anti-oxidants, I look forward to a follow-up to see what differences appear in the state of my blood! In the meantime I can report that I do feel healthier, and I have received compliments about my “glowing” skin and clear eyes…I have realised that age creeps up – and sometimes supplementation is vital in times of stress. But there is no “one-size-fits-all” – so that is why I think that this method is a great indicator to pinpoint what help is required. I’ll keep you posted!

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