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Come out Gudni and show yourself…

 One of the stories that continuously brings traffic to this site from Google, is the article about the Rocky Mountain Mystery School. It would seem that many people are trying to find out more about the school and it’s elusive Grand Master, Gudni Gudnason. It is a difficult task to look on the “bright side” and not think negatively about someone who has so little “real” evidence published about himself, even when it comes to his own websites and blog (Last updated in April 08). Up to now, I have read that this Icelandic national was an actor in Sweden, holds a business and psychology degree, was a martial arts teacher, ran a school for bodyguards (that resulted in him being arrested for conducting “high speed chase training” – in the traffic!) and has studied with various esoteric groups including the Order of the Golden Dawn. He sure sounds like a fun guy. And personally, I have no problem with colourful characters, provided they are truthful. But Gudni appears (and I say this based only on my own internet research – I’d be happy to be corrected), to be employing his various talents to achieve one aim – making money. Making money is a great gift – we should all be able to partake in abundance – but if your Alma Mater’s famous motto is “Do What Thou Wilt”, perhaps there is a warning there. And perhaps, the reason there are so many “RMMS+scam” google searches, is that there is a great distrust among us for someone who holds himself so high above us all, but does nothing to correct the (mis)perceptions of himself. So Gudni, this is the time to tell us the truth – in an honest, humble manner. Who are you really?


As for Mannatech and Glyconutrients, guess what? I’m still waiting for those replies to the list of your questions (see previous posts) sent and re-sent since November last year….. It looks like Mannatech is not going to be making any official response – but I know you would still like to hear from them, so I’ll keep trying.


A number of you have been in touch to check if you can send me info about your courses, modalities, shops and services. Please remember that your info is greatly appreciated – so keep us posted!


Have you ever wanted to learn more about how your birthday contributes to your uniqueness? Or maybe you wanted to unlock some of your hidden potential contained in your stars? February sees a really special course in Astrology for beginners held at The Health Path – which thanks to owner, Mia Courly, is fast becoming a hub for holistic health practitioners in Cape Town.The course, facilitated by Felicity Aronson, is held over 3 weekends and costs only R570.

Felicity Aronson is an international Astrologer who has been teaching and practising Astrology for over 30 years. She has devised an easy technique using Numerology in congruence with Astrology, creating a simple yet comprehensive way of delving into the understanding of the energy and essence of birthdays and other important dates.

Contact The Health Path to book your place for the first lesson on 07 February at 14h30.

021 790 5231. I have heard that this is a lovely workshop – it was sold out when it was first held last year – and well worth attending.


Mia Courly, formerly from Paris, (France – not Parys) began The Health Path just over a year ago. She had a vision for a warm, friendly meeting place for health practitioners and lovers of all things organic, and has worked hard to manifest that vision into reality. As a Cranio-Sacral therapist and a Kinesiologist, Mia understood the needs of holistic health practitioners who would want a vibey place to meet, share and work. She has provided her premises as a venue to anyone who wanted to conduct intimate workshops, DVD screenings and gatherings, as well as hosting a number of practitioner breakfasts. She stocks a wide range of supplements, organic beauty products and foods and has a small restaurant creating fresh new dishes every day. Her shop also has a small practise room which is available for practitioners requiring part-time premises at a reasonable rental. Because Mia has been such a great “patron” of Holistic Health, I took up her invitation to have a live blood analysis at her store – eventhough I have a fear of needles. I had long been searching for a way to “tailor” my own supplementation, and I think I have now found it. A simple (painless) prick on the side of my finger revealed the current state of my health in an easy and fairly quick consultation, which cost only R100. The live blood analysis looks at the blood droplet and determines from it’s appearance which systems are under stress. I had been living dangerously, as my blood revealed – my liver and digestive systems were under strain and I required assistance! Mia counselled me about diet and exersize and gave me a few ideas for reducing emotional stress, I also had a few Body Stress Release sessions for stored stress in my spine and muscles. After recently completing a round of Milk Thistle (instead of milk stout!-just kidding…)and some kick-ass anti-oxidants, I look forward to a follow-up to see what differences appear in the state of my blood! In the meantime I can report that I do feel healthier, and I have received compliments about my “glowing” skin and clear eyes…I have realised that age creeps up – and sometimes supplementation is vital in times of stress. But there is no “one-size-fits-all” – so that is why I think that this method is a great indicator to pinpoint what help is required. I’ll keep you posted!


Glyco Nutrients – bio-technology’s sweet nothings?


What are glyco-nutrients? The bio-tech companies which manufacture these products claim they are the sugars now “missing” from our highly processed modern diets, and that these sugars are essential for optimum health. They say that these glyco – “nutrients” are responsible for promoting cell communication – and that when they are re-introduced to our diets amazing things may happen with our health.

But sceptics believe that glyco-nutrients are just expensive sugar pills with no real benefit to health. Here is some of the information I discovered that you may find interesting, all gleaned from a simple internet trawl – (type glyco-nutrients+controversy” into your Google search bar for an idea of how many sites there are about this subject!):


  1. Glyco-nutrients are big business – according to Wikipedia, billions of dollars are earned annually in the sale of these products. They are very expensive to buy – I was told by a friend that a regime of Mannatech’s glyco-nutrient supplements can easily set you back a good thousand (or more) rand per month. What I haven’t been able to discover is what percentage of that sum is paid to the salesperson(s) marketing the product, and whether the method used to market Mannatech’s glyco-nutrients (Multi Level Marketing / MLM) makes the product so expensive or whether it is just a pricey supplement, like so many of them on the market today. (Sometimes I think these types of products must have been hand-picked at a full moon by vestal virgins from Outer Mongolia to be so expensive – if you follow my drift…)


  2. Research into efficacy of the glyco-nutrients which are currently on the market has not been published in a medical journal for peer review. (I would be very happy to publish any peer-reviewed research should anyone care to send it on – I didn’t find anything on the web) In defence of glyco-nutrients however, this is true for many health supplements widely available today.


  3. One company in particular has regularly been in the spotlight worldwide for apparent false claims and allegedly fake information that it’s “associates” have previously used to sell its products. The company in question has been taken to task (in the USA) for not taking adequate steps to ensure that it’s agents/associates/salespeople (who are independent contractors) market it’s products responsibly. (www.mlmwatch.org/04C/Mannatech/Mannatech00.html)


  4. A few independent researchers have stated that glyco-nutrients in their present form (as capsules, powders and pills) have no significant benefits. Click on the following link should you be interested to read the most non-judgemental and informative article I could find about glyco-nutrients so far, written by a medical doctor. Just scroll down to the glyco-nutrients header on the site and click on it to read the information: www.raysahelian.com


  5. There are websites up and running which make claims regarding the efficacy of glyco-nutrients – citing glyco-nutrients as treatment for life-threatening ailments such as cancer, tumours, diseases such as diabetes, Chrohn’s disease, and as treatment for disorders such as autism, I quote: “There is enormous potential for restoring brain function in autistic children and adults through the use of glyco-nutrients” (see: www.glyconutrientsreference.com) – and even being able to assist in fertility problems. These claims are not backed by any scientific research and have been a source of false hope for many people. (www.mlmwatch.org/04C/Mannatech/sham.html) and also www.cdac.com (click on the Down’s Syndrome Treatment header.)


  6. There have been reports of research by Nobel prize winning scientists into a field called “glyco-biology”. This research exists and is very interesting, however those Nobel winning scientists allegedly have orders against a particular glyco-nutrient company for using this research to promote their products – the research itself apparently has nothing to do with glyco-nutrients per se, and it would seem that those scientists mentioned have not given their permission for their research to be used in such a fashion. (http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Mannatech#cite_note-7)


I would be happy to be corrected, but as I understand it, according to the South African Medical Scope of Practice, no-one other than a registered medical practitioner, may prescribe / recommend any substance to treat another individual.

While the pro’s and con’s of this law are a separate issue, it would seem that, (for the time-being anyway), using multi-level marketing to sell health products may in fact be illegal in South Africa. (Time to lobby the health ministry? A future article about these laws coming up – keep an eye on this web-page!)

You may also find it interesting to note that I am still waiting for the answers to your questions posed (see previous post!) to Chris Simons of Mannatech SA…I wonder if we’ll get a reply any time soon?


Also check the following links for further information:




I thought I’d share something very special with you – a set of cards called The Bird Cards, which I was introduced to by my dear friend Jane Toerien, who helped create them. These cards with their inspiring and profound and very powerful messages have had an impact on my life and all those who have had the priviledge of being in contact with them. As Jane will tell you, everyone has a “Bird Story” – I learned a new way of looking at the World and it’s marvels with these messages from the bird kingdom.

Now Jane and Shelly Kibel, Chi-Gung teacher, will be presenting a workshop on the 24th of January at The Health Path in Hout Bay.

The workshop will focus on “Opening Your Potential – a Journey of Self Discovery with the Bird Cards”. Jane has just returned from Holland where she presented a similar workshop with great success. Go to: www.birdcards.net and contact her via her site.

Still waiting…

Well, I thought I would have that Glyconutrients story for you, but it seems that there is so much information available, (some good some bad), that it is going to take some serious sifting to get the truth. I don’t want to pass on information that is not truthful or purely negative. There are many positive stories and much anecdotal evidence about glyconutrients, but many people are concerned that this “evidence” is unsupported by factual, scientific studies that have been published for peer review. I am obviously not suggesting that everything must undergo stringent double-blind placebo trials to be of benefit, however glyco-nutrients are very expensive and it appears that many people are forgoing regular treatments in order to afford them. There are a few companies out there selling Glyconutrients, but the major frontrunner is Mannatech, a USA based company with a branch recently opened in South Africa. Mannatech uses multi-level marketing (MLM) to sell it’s products with great success. After sending a list of your questions to many many representatives of Mannatech SA who were unable or unwilling to go on record, I ended up being referred to the South African Main Mannatech Man, Chris Simons. He has passed on the list to Dr. Boyd in the United States, who will (hopefully) answer it! It appears Mannatech takes you seriously in this regard and, if what Mr. Simons tells me is true, those questions will be answered soon. For those of you who have no idea what I am bleating on about, here is the (in)famous list:


Questions for Mannatech SA:


Herewith the questions from the practitioners who were interested in this subject:


1. Many practitioners have been approached to market Mannatech’s glyconutrients, but feel that the unusual methods employed to sell them is complicated. Please explain the MLM structure used by Mannatech to sell it’s products. i.e. explain the various “levels” and if possible, the pay structures thereof.


2. I read a press release from Mannatech regarding it’s launch in SA. It was noted that SA is the first country to give Mannatech a patent for Ambrotose. Have any other countries besides South Africa, allowed Mannatech to patent Ambrotose?


3. Is Mannatech SA a listed company, as in the United States?

4. Many holistic health practitioners feel that there is alot of benefit to be derived from Mannatech’s products, yet are uncomfortable about MLM. Why does Mannatech choose this method of marketing?


5. In Australia, a medical doctor was barred from practising after prescribing Mannatech products for specific illnesses, as opposed to “regular” treatments. It was also discovered that he had a conflict of interest in prescribing glyconutrients, as his wife owned the agency for Mannatech’s products in that area. How would Mannatech SA respond to a similar situation in South Africa?


6. Why are Mannatech products so expensive, especially when compared to other neutraceuticals?


7. Why does Mannatech allow people with little or no health knowledge sell its products – especially as wild and unsubstantiated claims are being made about the products, it would seem, in order to secure a sale?

8. The medical scope of practise states that no person other than a registered medical practitioner may prescribe any medicine, treatment, or “thing” – a law which many holistic health practitioners feel is too prohibitive. How does Mannatech SA view this law with regard to MLM and the lay-people who markets it’s products?


I look forward to hearing your reply to the questions. I publish verbatim.

So everyone, let’s get the debate going! May I also state that Mannatech is not the only company marketing glyconutrients in SA – yet I’m not sure that they weren’t the first. Just google “glyconutrients” and you will get thousands of sites available about the topic. Same with “glyconutrients controversy.”

Therapeutic Reflexology – a Practitioner’s Story , and What is Bio-Pulsar?

 Thanks to everyone who has posted comments about Clickholistic to my mail address, along with great suggestions for future topics.


A few of you asked for more information regarding glyconutrients, especially the Mannatech version, as it would appear that Mannatech’s agents are encouraging you to sell (and buy!) their products. For those of you who aren’t aware, Mannatech is a huge biotech company which uses multi-level marketingto sell it’s products. I have contacted a Mannatech SA representative with a list of your questions, and have received a reply stating that the list has been forwarded to someone within the company better suited to giving (more informed) answers. I will most likely publish my research and hopefully Mannatech’s response for the next edition, so if you have had any experience (good or bad) of dealings with the company or it’s products, please let me know. I strive to give all sides of the story – so your information is valued. You may remain anonymous – i.e. I will not divulge your details, name or occupation to readers if you choose.


This month, Jay Williams, a therapeutic reflexologist based in the Cape, sent a post to explain a little more about what he does.

He has touched many souls – and soles! – (sorry, couldn’t resist…) with his tireless devotion to helping disabled children. His touching account of how therapeutic reflexology helped him cope with his own health challenges is really an illustration of what I believe to be one of the wonderful things about being a holistic health practitioner. So many of us are doing what we love to do and what we feel is our purpose, and most of us are doing it because we found healing through the very modality we now practise.

Jay, in return is continuing that cycle by giving back and helping a community in need. I’m sure he has inspired many of his young clients / patients to consider a career in holistic health.


Using Reflexology to assist children at Special-needs Schools and Care Centres


I am Jay Williams, a Reflexologist and member of The South African Reflexology Society.


As of January 2007, I have provide Reflexology, once a week, to children at De Heide Children’s Special Care Centre, and at EROS School for Cerebral Palsy. The children have a range of challenges in varying degrees of severity; from learning issues, speech and hearing challenges, physical challenges and severe intellectual challenges. Their families struggle financially and often cannot afford treatment for their children.


The treatments were done for 20min, in the classrooms, so the children stay close to their learning activities.


Some of the visible benefits for some children who I treated are;

  • Gradually lessened muscular stiffness or spasticity.

  • Fewer emotional outbursts.

  • Much calmer reactions and enjoyment of stimuli.

  • Much improved therapeutic interactions in general.

  • Improved performance of learning tasks.


I have Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus from the age of 3 months. In 1998 at age 21, I first experienced Reflexology as a case study for 10 treatments. The ticklish sensation quickly faded and became intensely comforting, though I didn’t understand how it worked. Gradually over a period of weeks, I felt more relieved, relaxed and happy, which I had not experienced with other medical treatment. At the time I was in the midst of clinical depression for four years; after a traumatic surgery at 17 years old in Standard 10 caused devastating short term memory problems. It took so much longer for my mind to heal compared to my body. During and after the Reflexology treatments, I noticed my thought processes gradually becoming more coherent, more creative and in a comfortable rhythm again. My body felt more energised and mobile.


Reflexology is based on ancient theories about points on the feet and hands corresponding to parts of the body. The fingers are used to put pressure on these points to stimulate the corresponding organ which benefits the body’s ability to resist diseases, overcome physical challenges and emotional stress. One of the well-known modern methods is called The Ingham Method. Current international forerunners in Reflexology Research are Kevin and Babara Kunz, who have extensive interactions with international medical and non-medical practitioners. They have published several books.


Diagnosis is not within the scope of Reflexology and it does not “cure” the children’s conditions. Reflexology stimulates holistic functioning of the child’s body and mind, improving the response to stimulus. Good results are visibly noticeable; sometimes within minutes and usually after a few hours. I feel partnerships with medical specialists need to be developed for more holistically-effective treatments to be properly investigated.


I believe Reflexology is a vital additional therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy. It has been such a pleasure for me to use Reflexology to help children experience a difference in “awareness” in their bodies. Some of the children can express how much they enjoy the reflexology; such a wonderful affirmation of my help to them.


If anyone would like to enter into discussion with me, you may call me on

072 245 0722.


Also, click on the tab for events at the top of this page and you can access Jay’s price-list for his services. Supporting him will also enable him to continue in passion for helping others in need, so do pass his information on to your friends and clients.

Ginny Johnstone gave me a call inviting me to her “Vitali Ch’i”wellness studio in Hout Bay. I gladly and graciously accepted her offer of a Biopulsar scan. Ginny asked me to place my hand on the machine which “scanned” the reflex points in my hand and then miraculously came up with a series of graphs depicting my organ function and so on. I was a little disturbed to see how much work I had to do on myself, yet it was re-assuring in a way to know what areas needing “tuning”. In general, the machine was spot-on in highlighting many of my issues, both physically and mentally (not completely nuts yet, but getting there…) What was also fascinating was the chakra reading and scan of my aura. It was quite a bit of synchronicity; as I had just completed Dr. Caroline Myss’s book; “Anatomy of the Spirit” where she describes “seven stages of power and healing”. If you haven’t read it, do get yourself a copy. It is an important work which has become quite a classic. I am only sorry it took so long to find me…(Thanks Desi – for lending me your lovingly dog-eared copy!) By referring back to the book I was able to reflect on the Biopulsar reading with a fresh perspective.

Ginny is a warm and friendly person who is very enthusiastic about Biopulsar and the various treatments she offers to help correct the imbalances shown in the readings. She is also very thorough and sent a follow-up e-mail a day later, attaching the report and a brief synopsis of our session which was really excellent, as I was unable to take it all in at the time – there really is a lot of information to digest! Ginny agreed to explain a little more about her take on good health and this fantastic machine in her own words:

 Take back the control of your health

It is a sad fact for a large number of us that traditional medicine and allopathic health treatments are failing to cure many of today’s conditions.

I have personally suffered from skin and stomach problems since the age of 15 and now, over 15yrs later, I have only just been able to get to the root cause of these issues (despite years of doctor’s and specialist visits and hundreds of pounds of medical bills and medicine costs!).

It is becoming more and more accepted that the root causes of many of our current day health concerns lie outside of the physical body and more in the mental and emotional realms of our being.

Holistic practitioners are bringing our attention to the mind, body, soul connection and allowing our health programmes to go deeper into the foundations of well-being. This is enabling us to correct problems at the root and not just on the surface.

Think of an apple tree. If the tree is producing unhealthy apples, it is useless trying to work on the apples themselves. To get healthier apples we must work with the surrounding environment and go deep beneath the surface, examining the conditions of the roots and the soil. By maximizing the surrounding environmental conditions, correcting any blockages in the roots and balancing the nourishment of the soil, we can ensure the tree has all it needs to produce beautiful fruits.

And so it is with us. We must identify what is causing the disharmony on a holistic level and then understand what it is we need to do to correct those deep rooted imbalances if we wish to live in super-health.

In the busy and frenetic world we live in today there has been a growing realisation that a healthy life does not just happen. Rather it is something that anyone can achieve with a commitment to their wellbeing. Optimum health and vitality come through self-awareness and the balance of body, mind and soul.

For me, identification was the most frustrating part of my own health journey. No one could tell me what was going on so I never felt I had any way to work on a root cause. I had to just give my power over to medicine and hope that I would one day find a drug that would make me better. This was frustrating and disempowering and made me feel so detached from being in any sort of control of my own health.

Now, so many years later, I realize that it is imperative that we are all responsible for our own bodies and that we play an active role in our health maintenance. Being conscious of our bodies and our minds is critical. We must change our mindset from one of sickness to one of health and realize that any physical manifestations of illness or discomfort is merely the body’s way of communicating with us that there is some work to be done on some profound level of our being.

If we listen to our bodies we will soon realize when we are moving off course or are becoming out of 

alignment with ourselves and can then act from a space of preventative medicine. I was told recently that

there are doctors in Japan who charge their clients only when they are in health and if ever they get sick

they are not charged as this means the doctor didn’t do their job properly. This makes so much sense to


So this is why I have introduced a unique holistic body and mind 

diagnostic service at my energy studio, Vitali Ch’i. I want people

to be able to know what is going on inside them and play an

active role in their well-being.

I use a biofeedback device called the Biopulsar Reflexograph – a cutting-edge technology that is based on

ancient health principals. This state-of-the-art device demonstrates the energetic health status of over 42

organs, glands and parts of the body in under 2 minutes. It does this through a series of graphs.

The Biopulsar Reflexograph (a certified medical device in Germany) uses the latest biofeedback technology to provide a visual snapshot of the key internal organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. It also shows the balance of glands like the adrenals, the thyroid and the pituitary as well as various body parts including the hip, spine, legs and the shoulders.

By scanning the electromagnetic frequency emanating from the hand’s reflex zones, this revolutionary equipment produces a series of graphs that depict the client’s overall energetic health state. Analysis of these graphs highlights the imbalances that may need to be addressed to return the body to optimal order.

The service is part of a range of energy-balancing techniques I employ at the Vitali Ch’i wellness studio; a studio built on the belief that all imbalances in the body start first in the mind through thoughts and emotions.

As in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I believe that each area of the body reflects an emotional state, so to fix a physical imbalance, the emotions must first be returned to harmony. So when I see that a client’s graphs show a high energy in the liver I know that there is something we need to work on to release stored up anger. If they present a low energy in the kidney I know there is much fear and anxiety that is being held in the body and needs to be balanced.

A personalised treatment plan is designed for each client based on the results of their biofeedback reading and guidelines are included on lifestyle changes that will help that client to maintain a healthy energetic state.

Other services at Vitali Ch’i include life coaching and mental training (consciousness coaching to re-programme the negative thought patterns held in the mind), emotional release, Chromalive colour and light treatment plus aura analysis and chakra balancing.

For more information please contact Ginny Johnstone, founder of Vitali Ch’i.

Tel: 082 323 4262

Email: info@vitalichi.co.za



Do please let me know if you have received this link from a friend and would like to be included in the mailing list. Also, many thanks to those of you who have shared your stories with me, and thank you for all your encouragement and your time. That is what makes this fun to do. I receive no renumeration for Clickholistic – this is a labour of love! As always, I am at your service.

Until next time, lots of love and laughter to you all,


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