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Alternative remedy for orthodontistry

I am one of the fortunate few among my peers who never had to suffer the pain and indignity of dental braces, but I can only imagine the physical and emotional stress that braces can cause. Imagine being able to do away with these archaic corrective methods in favour of simply changing the breathing?

When I was in Australia, I was fascinated to learn that orthodontic problems can be prevented by correcting chronic mouth breathing. Now, a lot of folks are going to jump up and down saying that teeth spacing is simply down to genes, but the truth is that orthodontic problems can be changed – and better yet – prevented, without very invasive techniques.

The man I heard speak was Dr. John Flutter, who is pioneering a new form of preventative orthodontistry, called orthotropics.

As Dr. John Flutter points out, the spacing of the teeth is influenced by the minute pressure exerted from the correct lip seal and the tongue being correctly positioned against the roof of the mouth when at rest.  This pressure widens the upper mandible, sets the tongue correctly in the mouth and helps the facial structures to form correctly. When a child breathes through their mouth, the mouth is open most of the time, so pressure created by these factors is absent.  This means that the upper mandible and other facial structures never get to form to their true potential. By encouraging nasal breathing, you can prevent your child from the drama and distress of having painful orthodontic treatments and help them to develop to their full potential.

Vertical Growth
Damages Faces
Horizontal Growth
Improves Faces
Vertical Growth Damages Faces
Horizontal Growth Improves Faces
This child’s face was damaged by vertical growth following orthodontic treatment. Vertical growth is associated with thick lips, receding chins, protruding noses, sloping foreheads and tired eyes.
This boy received Orthotropics®. Although his front teeth stuck out both jaws were encouraged to grow forward. Few other techniques achieve this because they pull the teeth back. Horizontal growers retain naturally straight teeth for a life time.

Dr. Flutter points out that each child has the innate ability to have a jaw that comfortably accommodates all their adult teeth. It is when a child’s jaw is not properly developed that we should look to the reasons why this is the case. For the first time, dentistry is beginning to embrace the idea that all children carry a “perfect blueprint”, and that all children can have good teeth spacing and limited dental issues, if they reach their full growth potential. More controversially, he talks about helping your child to be the most beautiful they can be, by assisting their facial development through good breathing and posture.


Good Health is a Gift

The Buteyko Method is your missing link to good health

The best part about Buteyko is how it helps to normalise more than just your breathing. Along with improvements in their chronic conditions like asthma and sleep apnoea, so many people are amazed at how all the other health niggles like insomnia, headaches, eye twitches, aching muscles, over-active bladder and snoring, just fall away naturally when their breathing rate is normalised.

Buteyko also empowers you to take charge of your health. You can now learn how to reduce medication safely – without taking any chances. The Buteyko system of breathing exercises re-trains the respiratory centre of the brain so that you can achieve and enjoy lasting results in all aspects of health, for life.

If you have already completed a Buteyko program, remember to follow through at home and at work. Practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to reduce breathing when at rest – like right now! If you get stuck, just call, email, or attend the next workshop or program in your area – you only pay once for life, so take advantage of these benefits!


KZN Durban: Glenwood: 09-12 Feb

go to http://www.buteyko.co.za for more info and other program dates

The Side Effects of Silver

I am taking the opportunity to revisit a subject that I posted about some time back, namely, Silver poisoning.  Medically known as Argyria or Argryria, is an irreversible condition caused by silver deposits under the skin, which tinges it with a silvery-grey or blue colour.

This is Paul Karason, the (in)famous Blue Man, who became blue when he ingested colloidal silver for his arthritis:

The Blue Man

http://dermnetnz.org/reactions/argyria.html tells us that: “Argyria is a condition characterised by bluish-grey to slate-grey staining of the skin and mucous membranes caused by deposition of silver particles in the skin. There are several sources of exposure to silver.

  • Occupational exposure – mainly in workers involved in silver mining, silver refining, silverware and metal alloy manufacturing, metallic films on glass electroplating solutions, and photographic processing.
  • Medication with silver salts – prolonged use of silver salts for the irrigation of urethral or nasal mucous membranes, in eye drops, wound dressing, and excessive use of an oral smoking remedy containing silver acetate.
  • Colloidal silver dietary supplements – marketed widely as a treatment for arthritis, diabetes, cancer, herpetic infections and AIDS.
  • Surgical and dental procedures – silver sutures used in abdominal surgery and silver dental fillings.”

For the most part, silver poisoning occurs due to colloidal silver home kits, available for sale on the internet.

Don’t believe everything you buy is safe just because it is “holistic” or “natural”.

As a holistic health practitioner I am all too aware of the junk that people buy into because it is sold to them as a “natural” cure.

Healing happens from within – this means that you have to be careful what you put into your body! “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, pay attention to your breathing, exercise regularly, don’t over sleep and remain hydrated with good clean water. These are the cornerstones of good health!


Why Mammograms don’t always work

I have just finished watching a talk given by Deborah Rhodes. She is a part creator of a new imaging technique that uses the latest gamma technology for tumour detection in dense breasts.

Dense breasts are breasts that have alot of fatty tissue – predominantly in younger and pre-menopausal women. Currently, mammogram technology, as Deborah points out, requires very well trained and experienced radiographers to read the information successfully. And mammogram technology is not really very successful in showing tiny tumours in dense breast tissue – which is why it is predominantly used more for screening older and post menopausal women.

For larger and younger women, this means if we have a genetic pre-disposition to breast cancer, the smaller tumours may not be found early on using current technology.  For some of us this may mean ultimately having to amputate one or both breasts in order to save or extend lives.

So bring on the new gamma imaging, right? Unfortunately, due to issues in the medical imaging world…i.e. possible profit and market share losses, this technology will take many years to become the norm. In the meantime, however, Deborah urges women to continue being screened for breast cancer and to discover what your breast density is, also she advises having a mammogram in the first few weeks of the menstrual cycle, when density is lower.

But what I found most sad of all, is that despite it being painless (compared to the current mammogram which is like having a large car battery dropped on your boobs) and cheaper (up to 10 times cheaper in the long run) than current screening techniques, it has taken major persuasion from Deborah and her team to convince medical journals to publish the results of the studies proving it’s efficacy.

In the third world and developing countries, can we afford NOT to use this technology? What’s more, the real bonus for the developing world is that the scans that this imaging technique produce are so vivid that they will be able to be read by your local GP or even a clinic nursing sister. So I am urging all of you who read this to make the best use of your communication skills and let everyone know about this!

http://www.ted.com/talks/deborah_rhodes.html Check the video and share it.

It will save lives.

Are you practising illegally?

I often find myself as a Holistic Health Practitioner, having to tell clients that I am not a “Therapist”, and that I don’t offer “treatments”. It shouldn’t really matter, right? A rose by any other name still smells as sweet…however, it does matter – and the reason is that I can be accused of practising MEDICINE without a license.
What? But medicine doesn’t even enter into what I do!

In terms of the Medical Scope of Practice Act, the word “therapy” may be seen to imply that that a diagnosis has been made and that a treatment is being given for that specifically diagnosed ailment. That is why a “therapeutic massage therapist”, for example,  is required to be registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of SA. In fact, anyone offering anything of a “therapeutic” nature is required to be registered.

Another interesting section to the Act, is the implication that recommending ANYTHING can be seen as “prescribing” – another thing that only registered Medical professionals may do. Even if what you are “prescribing” is not medicine – in terms of the Act, it is still illegal.

Do yourself a favour and get to grips with the terminology – it may save your practice in the future as regulations toughen up regarding these issues. i’d really like to hear your thoughts on this – please comment below, or send me an e-mail.

November sees many new workshops and opportunities for learning. I was asked to bring these messages to you regarding a few workshops on offer:

The first is a workshop titled: “A Return to Original Innocence”, facilitated by Jenny Brown.  Phone Cell: 082 872 0376 to book.

Day 1: November 7th 2009 10h00-17h00

Cost: R550

1st Ray of Will and Power – Alpha Centauri

2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom – Venus

4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict – Lyra

5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge – Arcturus

 Day 2: November 14th 2009 10h00-17h00

Cost: R550

9th Ray of Highest Potentials – Chiron

10th Ray of Divinity – Pleiades

11th Ray of Illumined Truth – Meldek

13th Ray of Solar Service – Antares

 Day 3: November 21st 2009 10h00-17h00

Cost: R550

14th Ray of Interstellar Service – Alcyone

15th Ray of Galactic Service – Sirius

16th Ray of Intergalactic Service – Andromeda

17th Ray of Universal Service – Orion

 Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

First ray of Will and Power – Alpha Centauri
In this guided visualization, you are going to travel in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the etheric of Alpha Centauri, which holds the predominate energy signature of the first ray of Will and Power through the Alpha Centaurian Co-Creative Council of Twelve. You will be assisted by your Alpha Centaurian Higher Self of the Light, the archetypes related to first ray of Will and Power, and Overlighted by Chohan El Moyra, Archangel Michael, Faith and Khamuel, and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia. This process will clear any issues related to abuse and misuse of power as you find the symbols related to this ray, and through this, embody the associated magical images. Following this, you will be taken to the Ascension Seat in Alpha Centauri, where you will merge with the archetypes related to this ray, as well as your Alpha Centaurian Higher Self of the Light. You will take back your power and step into a deeper level of trust, surrender and union with the Divine.

For further information on the Return to Original Innocence Program see www.pleiadianlight.net

The second is a course offered by Felicity Aronson, Astrologer, to help you get to grips with Astrology and Numerology, and to assist with finding your “life signature”. Phone 021 – 790 – 5231 to book.  Or e-mail felicity FARRON22@yahoo.COm remember to use lower case when addressing the mail.

There’s also a Hout Bay Wellness Fair at the Health Path, Vitoria Avenue Hout Bay on 7th November 2009.

Have an abundant month!



Landmark Education Forum – is it a “racket”?

A family member recently went on the Landmark Forum’s 3-day weekend course. She came back very inspired and energised. She is the kind of person who has never much been into this sort of thing, but had made many attempts at psychological “self-help” in some form or another over the years. She came back with a new language. She talked about living “authentically”, about giving up her “rackets”, terms which did not sound at all like her. She insisted that if she had had the money she would enrol everyone she knew. She herself had been enrolled by a friend who had insisted she attend. This friend also paid for half the fees. I had no idea what the Landmark Forum was about. (The family member was unable to give me a unbiased opinion.) So I “Googled” it.

Lo and behold – heaps and heaps of sites appeared – many worth checking out, although some were disturbing  as they suggest that the Landmark Education Forum is a scam. I do want to say, for the record, that I am happy that the family member attended the course and that this person did find alot of value in it – but then, her expectations were not unrealistic.

My own (google) investigation revealed the following:
Landmark Education Forum is a business. It was bought in 1991 by the associates of it’s founder, Walter Erhard, (previously John Paul Rosenberg), after he began to get some bad press. All Guru’s get bad press so I won’t go into the details – you can Google it yourself if you are interested.
Erhard developed a “Large Group Awareness” training that became known as EST (Erhard Seminars Training) in 1971. It was a part of the Human Potential Movement and involved intensive 15 – 20 hour seminars over a number of days with huge groups of people.
Those critical of EST called it brainwashing. EST was very goal oriented, as is the LEF. Participants are made to take responsibility for their lives, get on with the future and not “live in the past”. They are encouraged, while attending the seminar, to telephone or contact people who they feel they have unfinished business with – in some cases to confront that person and open communication with them. Which, I suppose, is great – especially for people who are truly “stuck” and unable to get on with their lives because of some minor thing that has been blown out of proportion. But there are those who feel that this could be dangerous for some people – especially if they have been abused and have no support structures around them to help them through the trauma after they have come away from the Forum.
“I participated at Landmark Education for 6 years and have to admit it made a huge difference in my life. I also had some bad experiences at LEC, especially with their staff and other leaders. I found the negative experiences to be shame-based and that there was a hierarchy that had to do with power and dominating an individual. Any time I questioned an individual above me, I was told I wasn’t accepting their coaching. They never looked at the possibility that they might be contributing to the situation.”
“What disturbs me is the fact that they used bright fluorescent lighting with no windows, didn’t allow food or drink in the room, and required such long hours. Hell, if you sit in a fluorescent-drenched, stuffy room for three days and nights, with little hydration and no [unsupervised] communication with the people there, you will probably believe just about anything.”
“I went to the Landmark Forum, but walked out an hour before the end of the first night. I am a social worker with a background in psychology, a master’s degree and am currently working on my LCSW. The manner in which individuals were treated at the Landmark was shocking. I can’t believe that I sat through hours of watching the facilitator humiliate individuals. They chastised me numerous times for ‘sticking out’ and making problems for the volunteers. It is scary that no one was allowed to be by themselves for long periods of time or deviate from the Forum rules in any manner. They said that the reason I wanted to leave was due to my ‘rackets.’ But the Forum seemed similar to cult recruitment and I demanded a refund. They said my money would be refunded, but I ‘me still waiting. I can’t believe that I allowed myself to attend something like the Landmark Forum.”
These are comments that I have copied from Rick Ross’s website (see previous posts) regarding the Landmark Forum. Although I have never attended their seminars, and therefore cannot give a properly informed opinion, the idea of sitting in a room with over a 100 people for more than twelve hours at a stretch over a few days is a bit off-putting. The best article I came across was by a journalist named Karin Badt. She claims in her article, “Inside the Landmark Forum” (www.huffingtonpost.com/karin-badt/inside-the-landmark-forum_b_90028.html ) that she really found the Landmark Education Forum to be helpful. She found their methods of marketing (by persuading attendees to recruit their friends and family) off-putting. She felt their critism of critical thinking problematic. But she didn’t knock it entirely. It’s a good article, I urge you to read it.
If you have attended, I’m interested to hear your comments.

And a bit of wisdom from the folks at “Living In -Formation”, which I think sums it up nicely:

Every behaviour has a positive intention…

If you’re willing to look behind any behaviour, yours or another’s, you’ll find that the original motivating value is positive and purposeful. If the behaviour is a negative or unwanted one, then you can explore alternative and healthier ways of satisfying the value which the behaviour is trying to fulfill. If someone has done something which you find unacceptable, then aim to discover the positive intention behind this. When you find it you’ll be able to accept the situation/person better and respond more resourcefully. Now that’s freedom!

(Written by Jevon Dängeli – NLP Trainer & Coach www.neuro-linguistics.net )

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