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Still waiting…

Well, I thought I would have that Glyconutrients story for you, but it seems that there is so much information available, (some good some bad), that it is going to take some serious sifting to get the truth. I don’t want to pass on information that is not truthful or purely negative. There are many positive stories and much anecdotal evidence about glyconutrients, but many people are concerned that this “evidence” is unsupported by factual, scientific studies that have been published for peer review. I am obviously not suggesting that everything must undergo stringent double-blind placebo trials to be of benefit, however glyco-nutrients are very expensive and it appears that many people are forgoing regular treatments in order to afford them. There are a few companies out there selling Glyconutrients, but the major frontrunner is Mannatech, a USA based company with a branch recently opened in South Africa. Mannatech uses multi-level marketing (MLM) to sell it’s products with great success. After sending a list of your questions to many many representatives of Mannatech SA who were unable or unwilling to go on record, I ended up being referred to the South African Main Mannatech Man, Chris Simons. He has passed on the list to Dr. Boyd in the United States, who will (hopefully) answer it! It appears Mannatech takes you seriously in this regard and, if what Mr. Simons tells me is true, those questions will be answered soon. For those of you who have no idea what I am bleating on about, here is the (in)famous list:


Questions for Mannatech SA:


Herewith the questions from the practitioners who were interested in this subject:


1. Many practitioners have been approached to market Mannatech’s glyconutrients, but feel that the unusual methods employed to sell them is complicated. Please explain the MLM structure used by Mannatech to sell it’s products. i.e. explain the various “levels” and if possible, the pay structures thereof.


2. I read a press release from Mannatech regarding it’s launch in SA. It was noted that SA is the first country to give Mannatech a patent for Ambrotose. Have any other countries besides South Africa, allowed Mannatech to patent Ambrotose?


3. Is Mannatech SA a listed company, as in the United States?

4. Many holistic health practitioners feel that there is alot of benefit to be derived from Mannatech’s products, yet are uncomfortable about MLM. Why does Mannatech choose this method of marketing?


5. In Australia, a medical doctor was barred from practising after prescribing Mannatech products for specific illnesses, as opposed to “regular” treatments. It was also discovered that he had a conflict of interest in prescribing glyconutrients, as his wife owned the agency for Mannatech’s products in that area. How would Mannatech SA respond to a similar situation in South Africa?


6. Why are Mannatech products so expensive, especially when compared to other neutraceuticals?


7. Why does Mannatech allow people with little or no health knowledge sell its products – especially as wild and unsubstantiated claims are being made about the products, it would seem, in order to secure a sale?

8. The medical scope of practise states that no person other than a registered medical practitioner may prescribe any medicine, treatment, or “thing” – a law which many holistic health practitioners feel is too prohibitive. How does Mannatech SA view this law with regard to MLM and the lay-people who markets it’s products?


I look forward to hearing your reply to the questions. I publish verbatim.

So everyone, let’s get the debate going! May I also state that Mannatech is not the only company marketing glyconutrients in SA – yet I’m not sure that they weren’t the first. Just google “glyconutrients” and you will get thousands of sites available about the topic. Same with “glyconutrients controversy.”

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