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Good Health is a Gift

The Buteyko Method is your missing link to good health

The best part about Buteyko is how it helps to normalise more than just your breathing. Along with improvements in their chronic conditions like asthma and sleep apnoea, so many people are amazed at how all the other health niggles like insomnia, headaches, eye twitches, aching muscles, over-active bladder and snoring, just fall away naturally when their breathing rate is normalised.

Buteyko also empowers you to take charge of your health. You can now learn how to reduce medication safely – without taking any chances. The Buteyko system of breathing exercises re-trains the respiratory centre of the brain so that you can achieve and enjoy lasting results in all aspects of health, for life.

If you have already completed a Buteyko program, remember to follow through at home and at work. Practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to reduce breathing when at rest – like right now! If you get stuck, just call, email, or attend the next workshop or program in your area – you only pay once for life, so take advantage of these benefits!


KZN Durban: Glenwood: 09-12 Feb

go to http://www.buteyko.co.za for more info and other program dates


Buteyko in Cape Town

Spring heralds new beginnings, and freedom from asthma should be a new beginning worth sharing!

Buteyko SA is offering a fantastic deal. Sign up for the next program in October before the 13th of September, and anyone you bring along will get 50% off.
Share the deal amongst you both, or know that you’ve done your bit to contribute to a new beginning for a special friend.
check http://www.buteyko.co.za for more information.

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