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Body Stress Release – A new way to heal yourself

Body Stress Release is a holistic health technique that releases stored tension from the body.

Tension becomes stored in the body when stress reaches overload and overcomes the body’s own natural resistive capacity.

Chemical overload, physical stress and emotional tension can all contribute to stored stress.

Stored stress has a compressive force on the tissues and can be the cause of tension headaches, lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, restless leg syndrome, pain and spasm, among other symptoms. When stress is at overload, it also affects immunity.

Body Stress Release is a specific technique which uses bio-feedback to determine sites of stored tension. The practitioner then releases these areas with a specific and precise directed impulse from their hands.
there is usually major relief even after only one session, although clients are encouraged to have at least three sessions within around ten to fourteen days, as stress releases in layers.

The action that body Stress Release initiates in the body is a complete release of compressive forces within the spine and surrounding muscles. The de-compression allows the nervous system to function better and increased communication is restored within the body. This allows your body to utilize it’s own powerful self-healing abilities to restore correct functioning and to further assist with changes in muscle tension – allowing for easier movement, postural correction and increased immunity.


The Side Effects of Silver

I am taking the opportunity to revisit a subject that I posted about some time back, namely, Silver poisoning.  Medically known as Argyria or Argryria, is an irreversible condition caused by silver deposits under the skin, which tinges it with a silvery-grey or blue colour.

This is Paul Karason, the (in)famous Blue Man, who became blue when he ingested colloidal silver for his arthritis:

The Blue Man tells us that: “Argyria is a condition characterised by bluish-grey to slate-grey staining of the skin and mucous membranes caused by deposition of silver particles in the skin. There are several sources of exposure to silver.

  • Occupational exposure – mainly in workers involved in silver mining, silver refining, silverware and metal alloy manufacturing, metallic films on glass electroplating solutions, and photographic processing.
  • Medication with silver salts – prolonged use of silver salts for the irrigation of urethral or nasal mucous membranes, in eye drops, wound dressing, and excessive use of an oral smoking remedy containing silver acetate.
  • Colloidal silver dietary supplements – marketed widely as a treatment for arthritis, diabetes, cancer, herpetic infections and AIDS.
  • Surgical and dental procedures – silver sutures used in abdominal surgery and silver dental fillings.”

For the most part, silver poisoning occurs due to colloidal silver home kits, available for sale on the internet.

Don’t believe everything you buy is safe just because it is “holistic” or “natural”.

As a holistic health practitioner I am all too aware of the junk that people buy into because it is sold to them as a “natural” cure.

Healing happens from within – this means that you have to be careful what you put into your body! “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, pay attention to your breathing, exercise regularly, don’t over sleep and remain hydrated with good clean water. These are the cornerstones of good health!


Buteyko in Cape Town

Spring heralds new beginnings, and freedom from asthma should be a new beginning worth sharing!

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Why Mammograms don’t always work

I have just finished watching a talk given by Deborah Rhodes. She is a part creator of a new imaging technique that uses the latest gamma technology for tumour detection in dense breasts.

Dense breasts are breasts that have alot of fatty tissue – predominantly in younger and pre-menopausal women. Currently, mammogram technology, as Deborah points out, requires very well trained and experienced radiographers to read the information successfully. And mammogram technology is not really very successful in showing tiny tumours in dense breast tissue – which is why it is predominantly used more for screening older and post menopausal women.

For larger and younger women, this means if we have a genetic pre-disposition to breast cancer, the smaller tumours may not be found early on using current technology.  For some of us this may mean ultimately having to amputate one or both breasts in order to save or extend lives.

So bring on the new gamma imaging, right? Unfortunately, due to issues in the medical imaging world…i.e. possible profit and market share losses, this technology will take many years to become the norm. In the meantime, however, Deborah urges women to continue being screened for breast cancer and to discover what your breast density is, also she advises having a mammogram in the first few weeks of the menstrual cycle, when density is lower.

But what I found most sad of all, is that despite it being painless (compared to the current mammogram which is like having a large car battery dropped on your boobs) and cheaper (up to 10 times cheaper in the long run) than current screening techniques, it has taken major persuasion from Deborah and her team to convince medical journals to publish the results of the studies proving it’s efficacy.

In the third world and developing countries, can we afford NOT to use this technology? What’s more, the real bonus for the developing world is that the scans that this imaging technique produce are so vivid that they will be able to be read by your local GP or even a clinic nursing sister. So I am urging all of you who read this to make the best use of your communication skills and let everyone know about this! Check the video and share it.

It will save lives.

SALT of the earth

Salt has always had a bad rap, but did you know that eating unprocessed un-iodised mineral sea salt can be good for your health? Mineral salts contain all the minerals required for healthy tissues.

When salt is processed, all the goodness is taken out of it and re-packaged as tissue salts. While a high sodium diet can lead to health issues, real salt is naturally low in sodium.

Salt is a crucial part of a balanced diet. That is why it was once a form of payment – hence the word “salary”. In South Africa we have a few good brands of unprocessed sea salt. Keep an eye out for them, and use in the way you would use any other salt for cooking.  Real salt is also a wonderful headache fixer – just a quarter teaspoon in a cup of warm water can ease headaches and relieve the cramps from salt loss in the diet. Epsom salts or Engilsh salts are also a potent form of magnesium. Adding a quarter teaspoon to your daily diet is extremely beneficial – and a very cost effective (and holistic) way to reduce aches and inflammation. To ease tired muscles, you can try a handful of it in your bathwater.

Who is Gudni Gudnason?

I just can’t seem to let my fascination with the Rocky Mountain Mystery School go. Maybe it’s because it sounds somewhat like the title of a Dolly Parton duet with Harry Potter. Or maybe it’s because it’s founder, Gudni Gudnason, (what an awesome name!!) just intrigues me.

Gudni is everywhere and nowhere at once. Like all modern Mystery School founders, he is fabulously…well… mysterious. The net is full of him – he gets great Google rankings… But ask anyone if they have heard of him and the (more polite) reply is usually – who???

The RMMS teaches a holistic health modality called “DNA Activation”. DNA Activation is said to assist on an energetic level with every process your body and mind encounters and requires.  One of their practitioners published a post on this blog. Trust me, this is a nice person with her heart and mind in the right place…But Gudni just makes me wonder…and probably always will. 

Gudni Gudnason appears to be quite a big cheese in certain circles. He has his photo taken with all the right people. (Even Elvis – Check earlier posts). He and his Mystery School mates (no -it’s not Hogwarts Academy) are also possessed of such interesting credentials – including level 3 Protection and Security Specialists, as well as being ”High priests and priestesses”, etc, etc. The security qualifications are the interesting part – a bit of WTF??!

And then there is the family tree…their descendants are fascinating – the lineage of King Salomon (sic) and related to Jesus, Aleister Crowley and King David himself – which is quite an impressive list of rellies. Heck, no wonder they’re famous – in an underground sort of way. Problem is, the Big Cheeses tend to attract a few rats, and I think Gudni may not be immune…

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

But yet, you may ask – who the f…k is Gudni, and how come he has a following at all? Well what I have managed to dig up is that Gudni became quite a mover and shaker in esoteric circles with his claims that he was a follower of the order of the Golden Dawn and a descendant of the lineage of Salomon (sic).

He is an Icelandic by birth – hence the crazy name, who trained in various fields – body guarding, martial arts and so on, including some dabbling with this and that like psychology, acting and business management.

Some claim he is just an ordinary guy who found that L Ron Hubbard’s philosophy for making a few bob was a winner. After all, the founder of Scientology is said to have reckoned that the most profitable way to ever make a living was to found your own religion – Gudni has gone a step further and founded a whole Mystery Movement.

And yet others say he is a New Age Messiah. I am still a sceptic. Until he speaks to me and shows himself to me, I guess I’ll be a Doubting Thomas. Thing is, there are Mystery Schools popping up all over the place and RSA is no exception. Maybe someone can give me the real low down on Gudnason and what he is all about.

His bio states:

“Gudni “Ged” (must have enjoyed Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea trilogy) was born in northern ‘Viking lands’ of Iceland and was initiated into the lineage of King Salomon with priesthood powers from high Priest Melchizedek, (this was done in the Great Pyramid of Giza) Guardian of the Secret of the Holy Grail and authorized to do the work by the HIERARCHY of LIGHT in all manner with the highest powers given to a human.”

Gudni-ness gracious! These days he is listed as a Dr. Gudnason, but I (and many others) can’t seem to track his PhD down anywhere.

But best of all is the fact that for a founder of an entire Mystery Movement, Gudni tends to ramble quite a bit. His life story is plastered over the internet and a simple Google search reveals that he is a blogger and a friend of social networking. Some of his ramblings are well, quite odd, and others are strangely funny. Like this nugget posted on Facebook on 21 Dec 2010:

“Christmas: an over rated commercial greed holiday that has nothing to do with the master of love: Jesus the Christ! So I am saying NO! I will not buy into the greed nor the hypocrisy and I will spend my money on helping the poor! Many worthy causes to focus on! No presents for anyone except grand kids who would not understand my thinking! LOVE TO ALL THIS SEASON! PEACE”

That was followed a few days later by this contradictory post on the 24th of December:

“Santa just called me and told me that he will be at my house today, 24th in Japan at 6 pm delivering my Christmas present: A Brand New TESLA!!!! This Christmas I go OFF GAS!!!! for good! My way of giving back to mother earth. Yesterday we fed 400 kids in the Philippines and they all good presents. Please remember those needy, bring them a smile this season! PEACE”

Hmmm, no giving into the hypocrisy – except for one small brand new motor vehicle – delivered by Santa himself – who coincidentally also is from a mystery location near the North Pole and runs his own brand of mystery school…for elves.….

Bless him, if anything he gives me a chuckle now and then – and that is a good (ni) thing! PEACE!!

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