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Alternative remedy for orthodontistry

I am one of the fortunate few among my peers who never had to suffer the pain and indignity of dental braces, but I can only imagine the physical and emotional stress that braces can cause. Imagine being able to do away with these archaic corrective methods in favour of simply changing the breathing?

When I was in Australia, I was fascinated to learn that orthodontic problems can be prevented by correcting chronic mouth breathing. Now, a lot of folks are going to jump up and down saying that teeth spacing is simply down to genes, but the truth is that orthodontic problems can be changed – and better yet – prevented, without very invasive techniques.

The man I heard speak was Dr. John Flutter, who is pioneering a new form of preventative orthodontistry, called orthotropics.

As Dr. John Flutter points out, the spacing of the teeth is influenced by the minute pressure exerted from the correct lip seal and the tongue being correctly positioned against the roof of the mouth when at rest.  This pressure widens the upper mandible, sets the tongue correctly in the mouth and helps the facial structures to form correctly. When a child breathes through their mouth, the mouth is open most of the time, so pressure created by these factors is absent.  This means that the upper mandible and other facial structures never get to form to their true potential. By encouraging nasal breathing, you can prevent your child from the drama and distress of having painful orthodontic treatments and help them to develop to their full potential.

Vertical Growth
Damages Faces
Horizontal Growth
Improves Faces
Vertical Growth Damages Faces
Horizontal Growth Improves Faces
This child’s face was damaged by vertical growth following orthodontic treatment. Vertical growth is associated with thick lips, receding chins, protruding noses, sloping foreheads and tired eyes.
This boy received Orthotropics®. Although his front teeth stuck out both jaws were encouraged to grow forward. Few other techniques achieve this because they pull the teeth back. Horizontal growers retain naturally straight teeth for a life time.

Dr. Flutter points out that each child has the innate ability to have a jaw that comfortably accommodates all their adult teeth. It is when a child’s jaw is not properly developed that we should look to the reasons why this is the case. For the first time, dentistry is beginning to embrace the idea that all children carry a “perfect blueprint”, and that all children can have good teeth spacing and limited dental issues, if they reach their full growth potential. More controversially, he talks about helping your child to be the most beautiful they can be, by assisting their facial development through good breathing and posture.


Good Health is a Gift

The Buteyko Method is your missing link to good health

The best part about Buteyko is how it helps to normalise more than just your breathing. Along with improvements in their chronic conditions like asthma and sleep apnoea, so many people are amazed at how all the other health niggles like insomnia, headaches, eye twitches, aching muscles, over-active bladder and snoring, just fall away naturally when their breathing rate is normalised.

Buteyko also empowers you to take charge of your health. You can now learn how to reduce medication safely – without taking any chances. The Buteyko system of breathing exercises re-trains the respiratory centre of the brain so that you can achieve and enjoy lasting results in all aspects of health, for life.

If you have already completed a Buteyko program, remember to follow through at home and at work. Practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to reduce breathing when at rest – like right now! If you get stuck, just call, email, or attend the next workshop or program in your area – you only pay once for life, so take advantage of these benefits!


KZN Durban: Glenwood: 09-12 Feb

go to for more info and other program dates

Buteyko in South Africa

Our first Buteyko workshop went very well. Two asthmatics, one emphysaemic and one person with seasonal hayfever escalating to asthma all decided to give it a try. Over five days they learned the art of better breathing, and all felt that they had had huge benefits. It will take perserverance from them, and a little courage, but they will succeed. All have learned that they can overcome their challenges by: learning to remain calm, learning how to stay in control, and discovering how breathing quietly and gently through their noses makes an enormous difference to their health! For more info on Buteyko in South Africa:

First Buteyko Breathing Technique Workshops in South Africa

The very first BBT workshops to be held in South Africa will be on the 1-5 November in Pinelands, and in Montagu from 07 – 11 February. This is the natural alternative asthma technique I have been banging on about for some time now, mostly because it has been so effective in treating my own asthma. After spending a month in Australia notching up many hours of practical training with Jennifer Stark, I have to say that it is great to be home – and such a privilege to be able to offer this dynamic technique in my own country. Please e-mail me if you need more info or a registration form, and to skip the spiders I have spelled out my address for you buteyko (at) or get hold of me at clickholisticat
You can click on the link below to see the (shortened version) of the BBC QED Documentary that was the starting point for my own freedom from asthma all those years ago.


Well, after many delays I am finally going to Australia in April to do the practical aspect of the Buteyko Breathing course. I have been so priveleged to study with Jennifer and Russell Stark, two of the very few Western practitioners to study with Alexandrei Stalmatsky and Dr. Buteyko himself. Dr. Buteyko personally approved the course that Russell and Jennifer teach, which is the purest method of Buteyko Breathing available.

The Starks pioneered Buteyko in Australia, New Zealand and then taught pactitioners from around the world, including Canada, UK, America and the Netherlands. Now, the Buteyko Method – as taught by the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH) – will be available in South Africa from the end of May 2010. For more info see:

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