Body Stress Release – A new way to heal yourself

Body Stress Release is a holistic health technique that releases stored tension from the body.

Tension becomes stored in the body when stress reaches overload and overcomes the body’s own natural resistive capacity.

Chemical overload, physical stress and emotional tension can all contribute to stored stress.

Stored stress has a compressive force on the tissues and can be the cause of tension headaches, lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, restless leg syndrome, pain and spasm, among other symptoms. When stress is at overload, it also affects immunity.

Body Stress Release is a specific technique which uses bio-feedback to determine sites of stored tension. The practitioner then releases these areas with a specific and precise directed impulse from their hands.
there is usually major relief even after only one session, although clients are encouraged to have at least three sessions within around ten to fourteen days, as stress releases in layers.

The action that body Stress Release initiates in the body is a complete release of compressive forces within the spine and surrounding muscles. The de-compression allows the nervous system to function better and increased communication is restored within the body. This allows your body to utilize it’s own powerful self-healing abilities to restore correct functioning and to further assist with changes in muscle tension – allowing for easier movement, postural correction and increased immunity.


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