Alternative remedy for orthodontistry

I am one of the fortunate few among my peers who never had to suffer the pain and indignity of dental braces, but I can only imagine the physical and emotional stress that braces can cause. Imagine being able to do away with these archaic corrective methods in favour of simply changing the breathing?

When I was in Australia, I was fascinated to learn that orthodontic problems can be prevented by correcting chronic mouth breathing. Now, a lot of folks are going to jump up and down saying that teeth spacing is simply down to genes, but the truth is that orthodontic problems can be changed – and better yet – prevented, without very invasive techniques.

The man I heard speak was Dr. John Flutter, who is pioneering a new form of preventative orthodontistry, called orthotropics.

As Dr. John Flutter points out, the spacing of the teeth is influenced by the minute pressure exerted from the correct lip seal and the tongue being correctly positioned against the roof of the mouth when at rest.  This pressure widens the upper mandible, sets the tongue correctly in the mouth and helps the facial structures to form correctly. When a child breathes through their mouth, the mouth is open most of the time, so pressure created by these factors is absent.  This means that the upper mandible and other facial structures never get to form to their true potential. By encouraging nasal breathing, you can prevent your child from the drama and distress of having painful orthodontic treatments and help them to develop to their full potential.

Vertical Growth
Damages Faces
Horizontal Growth
Improves Faces
Vertical Growth Damages Faces
Horizontal Growth Improves Faces
This child’s face was damaged by vertical growth following orthodontic treatment. Vertical growth is associated with thick lips, receding chins, protruding noses, sloping foreheads and tired eyes.
This boy received Orthotropics®. Although his front teeth stuck out both jaws were encouraged to grow forward. Few other techniques achieve this because they pull the teeth back. Horizontal growers retain naturally straight teeth for a life time.

Dr. Flutter points out that each child has the innate ability to have a jaw that comfortably accommodates all their adult teeth. It is when a child’s jaw is not properly developed that we should look to the reasons why this is the case. For the first time, dentistry is beginning to embrace the idea that all children carry a “perfect blueprint”, and that all children can have good teeth spacing and limited dental issues, if they reach their full growth potential. More controversially, he talks about helping your child to be the most beautiful they can be, by assisting their facial development through good breathing and posture.


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